RMS | Speed limit on a 12km section of Heathcote Road cut to 90km/h from today, following deaths of constable and driver

The speed limit on a 12-kilometre section of Heathcote Road has been cut from 100km/h to 90km/h today, Monday.

The changes to the speed limits were assessed on a number of factors, including crash history, road geometry, road environment and traffic volumes.

JOHN HARDWICK, Sydney executive director, Roads & Maritime Services

Roads & Maritime Services made the change between LucasHeights and VoyagerPoint following the head-on crash on January 31 which claimed the lives of Liverpool police officer TimothyProctor and another driver.

Constable Proctor died in hospital three days after the accident.

The driver of the second car, a woman, 65, whose name was not released, died on March 7.

The crash occurred about a kilometre west of the intersection of Heathcote Road and New Illawarra Road at Lucas Heights.

Roads & Maritime Services' Sydney executive director JohnHardwick said that a speed-zone review was carried out following the crash and requests from the community.

"Roads & Maritime has installed a 90-km/h speed limit along a 12-kilometre length of Heathcote Road to provide safer journeys for all motorists," he said.

"The speed limit is reduced from 100 km/h to 90 km/h between 250 metres east of The Avenue and 150 metres west of New Illawarra Road.

"The other speed limits along Heathcote Road remain the same."

Mr Hardwick said the change comes into effect today, April 15, weather permitting.

"The speed-limit changes are expected to provide a consistent speed limit and bring significant road-safety benefits to residents and all road-users in this area.

"The changes to the speed limits were assessed on a number of factors, including crash history, road geometry, road environment and traffic volumes.

"Electronic message signs will be in place to advise motorists of the lowered speed limit."

Mr Hardwick said RMS was continuing to plan for the installation of audio tactile marking along Heathcote Road between Macarthur Drive at Holsworthy and Princes Highway at Engadine.

"Roads & Maritime Services is also continuing to investigate options for road-widening along this busy road corridor, which will include installing central median barriers," he said.

"The community will be kept informed as plans progress and motorists are reminded to drive to the speed limit at all times for the safety of all road-users."