OUR SCHOOLS | High school students at Holsworthy recently used mind control to play games and fly drones

High school students at Holsworthy recently used mind control to play games and fly drones.

The experience was offered as a free, school-funded incursion with year 7 and arranged by DarrenMonte, head teacher of Technical & Applied Studies at Holsworthy High.

Mindz Brainplay brought neuroscience to the school through a unique experience of science, technology, engineering and maths, or STEM, to year 7 students for the first time.

PhilDye, director of Mindz Brainplay, took the eager students through a range of game-based activities, exploring neuroscience and its use as a merging technology in the 21st century.

Using a variety of electroencephalograph (or EEG) headsets that monitor neuron activity in the brain, the students were able to see their neurons fire in real time and use the power of thought to control objects on the screen and play games against their friends using their thoughts to score points and test their meditation skills.

Mindz Brainplay operates in NSW and WA and visits hundreds of schools and community groups each year. It uses fully safe EEGs to examine neuron activity inside the brain. Their experts explain the electrical signals coming from the brain which are generated by the billions of neurons.

It's a completely safe, educational and fascinating journey into the brain, brain health, neuron communication and the possible future of a brain-controlled world.

Students played games using their thoughts to control the gaming characters. Teachers and students also learn and experience the best brain state for learning and retention.

"The Holsworthy students were terrific listeners and they asked some of the best questions I've ever heard," Phil Dye said. "There's a real community interest in the brain and what makes us who we are as individuals.

"The year 7 pupils at Holsworthy High were no exception and I expect many of them will go on to forge their own rewarding careers in science."

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