HAIL SALE | Manheim to auction more hail-affected cars on Saturday

Manheim auctions are offering for public sale more hail-affected cars this Saturday at Moorebank from 9am.

This follows the success of their first auction. The cars were damaged in the Sydney hailstorms.

There will be 250 cars up for sale, 120 of which Hyundai are offering at near-new, driveable and low-kilometre condition. Note that these aren't on the Written-Off Vehicle Register and are being sold without registration plates. More about the register below and at the myrta website.

The auction provides an opportunity for people to buy a damaged car at a good price.

"The hailstorm impacted our site heavily just before Christmas as well as many cars on our property and the Sydney region," Manheim NSW general manager DanielO'Brien said. "We're offering another range of cars for people to buy on the back of our great auction success in February."

The auction is at 144 Moorebank Avenue at Moorebank and also via the online auction platform, Simulcast on Saturday, April 13 at 9am. People will be able to view the cars from noon on Thursday, April 11.

  • About the Written-Off Vehicle Register: The register is designed to help combat the problem of rebirthed cars. Rebirthing is the term used when identities of damaged cars are bought at auctions or elsewhere and put onto stolen cars to give them new identification numbers. The register lets insurers, auctioneers and dismantlers access the RTA database in real-time to enquire about and add written-off cars. It's a legal requirement that insurers, auctioneers and dismantlers use it. To access the site you need a user ID and password. More here at the myrta website.