LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Double standards and sexism in sport

OH, DEAR: Can you spot the error? Reader Tess sent us this. See below.

OH, DEAR: Can you spot the error? Reader Tess sent us this. See below.

Taking down the action photo of Women's AFL player Tayla Harris shows a double standard. The long history of male domination of sport and sport media means there's still resistance to accepting women as elite athletes. Sport photography has long been a gender battleground. Sportswomen have tended to be shown in passive poses or with accompanying children and partners, while sportsmen have been shown in full, active flight. When Tayla Harris was shown this way, some disparaged her sporting ability and fetishised parts of her body. They can't accept that a woman can excel in sport and that action photos can be revealing because the body is in extremis.

Some would object that male sporting bodies have also been subjected to jokes. But the gender dynamic is completely different. Unlike women men haven't had to fight for legitimacy in sport. The digital world has intensified the politics of sport photography and commentary and Channel Seven's temporary take-down of the marvellous shot of Tayla Harris flying through the air was ill-advised. In the name of protecting her, they fed the trolls. They'll have to get used to the fact that women's sport is here to stay. We have the photographic evidence to prove it.


Emeritus Professor, Western Sydney University

Whoops, here's another typo

Can you find the spelling mistake on the back page of the Bring it On! brochure which was delivered to everyone's letterbox? I think the council needs to proof-read!

TESS [surname supplied], Fairfield

Fairfield Council responds: As the Editor of the Champion would be well aware, while our publications are all proofread before publishing, errors can still occur in any publication.

SPOKESMAN, Fairfield Council

The editor of the Champion responds: Definitely, you're not worng on that score.

IAN HORNER, Editor, Champion

Thanks from police

Just a quick note to say thank you for assisting us once again with another appeal to try to locate Luis Fernandez who's been missing from Eastlakes since Christmas Day and is thought to possibly have visited your area in the South-West. As you know Strike Force Wanya has been set up to investigate his disappearance. We at Botany Bay PAC appreciate your support. Thank you for the stories you have run to help us find him


Inspector, Botany Bay Police