OUR SCHOOLS | Popular US Muslim speaker and poet Amal at Unity Grammar

Unity  Grammar  College at Austral is hosting Amal  Kassir, one of America's most popular Muslim female speakers, for a week from this Monday.

There will be a school summit, a free presentation and Q&A exclusive to Unity Grammar students, staff and their families, and A Night of Poetry and Inspiration open to the public at Bankstown on Saturday, March 30.

Amal's address The Muslim on the Airplane currently has 3,329,258 views on YouTube.

Amal is a Muslim woman, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, to a German US mother and a Syrian father.

She's an International spoken-word poet, having performed in 10 countries and more than 45 cities.

Amal has run workshops, given lectures and recited her poetry in venues ranging from youth prisons to orphanages to refugee camps to universities to churches to public community spaces.

She designed her own undergraduate degree, Community Programming in Social Psychology, and she's a major proponent in education and building individual agency in particularly underserved and vulnerable populations, especially through writing.

She hopes to take part in the global effort for literacy in war-affected areas and refugee camps.

The Unity Grammar community will benefit from much of her time. The public event, A Night of Poetry and Inspiration, on Saturday night at Bankstown will be co-hosted by Bankstown  Poetry  Slam.

Poets performing on the night will also include Sara  Mansour, Roje  Ndayambaje and Sarah  Saleh.

This event will also cater to the hearing-impaired, with two Auslan interpreters.

  • A Night of Poetry and Inspiration at the Highline Venue, 462 Chapel Road, Bankstown. Details, bookings here and Facebook.