Keeping your loved-ones close across the world

Keeping your loved-ones close across the world

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It's amazing but true that in 1876 Alexander Bell's invention, the telephone, was initially rather unpopular.

Bell hoped the telephone would revolutionise communication and would be delighted to see decades later, how important this device has become to all of us.

Of course the telephone has undergone radical change in the ensuing 143 years. Rapid technological progress in telecommunications has meant staying in touch is easier than ever before.

Because of these telecommunications, the world doesn't feel like such a big place anymore and connecting with people is simpler than it's ever been.

This is a welcome relief to the tens of thousands of Australians who have loved ones either living overseas or travelling internationally a lot for work and leisure.

Today calling your loved ones in the UK is not much different, to say calling someone interstate.

Dark past of international dialling

Many people have horror stories from the dark past of international phone calls, usually around cost.

Everybody knows someone who was horrified to learn they had dialled up an incredible phone bill as they hadn't taken into account international call charges and the general expense of using a mobile phone to call home or ring loved-ones overseas.

Other alternatives were difficult too. Trying to choose the right phone card for you and your phone wasn't always easy, often ending in frustration and waste.

Those days are over

Times have indeed changed. Today you can make quick calls to friends and family overseas or even settle in for a big chat without the worry of exorbitant charges putting you off.

With a little research you can find a mobile plan to suit your overseas needs.

Take Pennytel for example. This Telco has recently released their new 10GB plan to include international inclusions.

For just $28.99 a month you get unlimited talk and text to 10 different countries.

Why you need to call

The importance of keeping in touch with family and friends while they are overseas or travelling cannot be overstated.

While conflicting time zones and schedules present challenges, staying in touch doesn't need to be hard.

A simple text or phone call can be the highlight of someone's day, giving them peace-of-mind that those they care about are safe and really not that far away.

International inclusion: Distance is no longer a tyranny to staying in touch with loved-ones as calling overseas is now easy and affordable with a mobile plan to suit your needs.

And with some great deals happening around international inclusions such as Pennytels, there is no excuse now not to stay in touch.

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This is advertiser content from Pennytel.

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