NSW Riverina mother alleges human hair found in loaf of bread

A LEETON mother has been horrified to find what she says is human hair in a loaf of bread purchased from a supermarket in town. 

Sheri Allard bought the Baker's Life -branded bread on Saturday from Leeton's ALDI store. 

She purchased two loaves and one loaf had already been consumed when she opened the next packet of white sandwich sliced bread on Tuesday to make the discovery. 

The bread had a best before date of March 14 and Mrs Allard wants to spread the word to others. 

"It's just disgusting," she said.  "You can definitely tell it is human hair. 

"I feel sick to my stomach that my family has already consumed one loaf. We didn't notice anything in that one thank God, but these loaves would have all been part of the same batch."

According to the bread packet, it was baked a store in the Sydney suburb of Minchinbury.

Mrs Allard said she hadn't taken the offending loaf back to the Leeton store where it was purchased, but she has contacted the NSW Food Authority and Leeton Shire Council. 

Council was planning to visit the store on Tuesday afternoon, while the NSW Food Authority has informed Mrs Allard they have launched an investigation and will look into where the bread was made.

"I just want to spread the word … this is human contamination, so people need to know if they have it at their home," Mrs Allard said. 

An ALDI Australia spokesman said they would like Mrs Allard to return the offending packet of bread to allow for further investigations to take place. 

"We would like to investigate this further," the company said in a statement.

"To assist us, we request the customer return the product and packaging to an ALDI store for examination."