PETS OF THE WEEK | All cats and kittens reduced to $100

This week our Pets of the Week are all the cats and kittens at the animal shelter, reduced to $100. They have some beautiful female cats and kittens looking for homes.

Liquorice is a confident young female cat whom they believe is part Burmese. She has shiny chocolate-coloured fur and loves to roll around on the ground for pats.

Chanel is a beautiful little kitten looking for an owner to cherish her. She’s playful and adores gentle pats.

Melon is our tough little wildcard. She’s a little timid with humans and can be a bit feisty but does get along very well with other cats. So if your cat is looking for a companion, maybe adopt Melon? We believe she will come around with time, care and love.

As Pets of the Week, all cats and kittens adoption fees are just $100 each (usually $258.50 each). This includes microchipping, desexing, vaccination, flea treatment, worming and lifetime registration in NSW. If you’d like to adopt a cat ask yourself the following questions: Can I handle a kitten best or would a mature cat actually be better? What size cat is best for me? Should the cat have endless energy or be a couch potato to watch TV with? Is my home noisy or quiet?

  • More about these cats and kittens or others: Liverpool Animal Shelter, 402 Bringelly Road, Austral or or 8711 7333. Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm. With Liverpool Council.