LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | ‘It’s selfish and idiotic behaviour,' says the Assistant Commissioner

Generic image. Picture: Raw Pixel, Pexels
Generic image. Picture: Raw Pixel, Pexels

Police are furious at the number of drivers detected with high-range readings on the first day of a three-day state-wide drink-driving campaign. Operation Drink Drive 1 ran on the weekend of February 15 to 17. I’m perplexed at the choices drivers make before taking control of a car. On day one of this operation, we had a lot of anecdotal evidence about drivers charged with mid-range and high-range offences.

If you’ve been drinking excessively you need to realise you’re not bullet-proof. The risk you’re placing on yourself, your family and others on the road can only be described as selfish, irresponsible, idiotic behaviour.

Provisional stats for Operation Drink Drive 1, as at February 15: 2 lives lost, 2 fatal crashes, 666 speeding fines, 75,104 breath tests, 23 drink-driving charges and 134 seatbelt/helmet fines.


Assistant Commissioner

Traffic & Highway Patrol

Chook mung num moi

Last week I and hundreds of Vietnamese families went to the midnight celebration at Phuoc Hue Temple at Wetherill Park to welcome Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig. Next day I and many Chinese families attended Mingyue Lay Temple to welcome in the Golden Pig.

I acknowledge the work of James Chan and Vincent Kong, of the Australian Chinese Buddhist Society.

Lunar New Year is for families and friends, a time for reflection, a time to pay respects to elders and ancestors. The Year of the Pig is associated with good luck, fortune and prosperity. I s’pose in my community it’s also got to do with a healthy appetite. My Buddhist colleagues and I went to eight other Chinese and Vietnamese temples.

At the weekend I went to the Vietnamese Tet Festival at Fairfield showground, attended by over 40,000.

I congratulate the Vietnamese community for their hard work. The lion-dancing, costumes, Vietnamese cuisine, fireworks and carnival atmosphere are highlights for families to experience a showcase of Vietnamese culture. It’s a time for us all to appreciate the contributions made by the Chinese and Vietnamese communities.

I wish Vietnamese and Chinese Australians a harmonious, prosperous Year of the Pig.

To my Vietnamese constituents, chook mung num moi. To my Chinese constituents, gung hay fat choy.


Fowler federal MP

History’s lessons

Thanks so much for your great coverage of our Peace Comes to Liverpool exhibition. Everyone at the Liverpool Regional Museum was very pleased. I hope lessons have been gleaned from the exhibition and that they may somehow or other make the Liverpool and Fairfield communities even better places to live in and grow up in.


Moorebank Heritage Group