FILM REVIEW: What Men Want

First there was Ghostbusters, then there was Ocean's 8 and now there's What Men Want.

Gender-swapping is all the rage in Hollywood these days and the reimagining of Mel Gibson's 2000 What Women Want film is the latest to hit our screens.

And you know what? It's hilarious.

The film is jam-packed with laughs and doesn't feel like a cheap exploit in money-grabbing from the movie studios.

Taraji P. Henson (Hidden Figures) steps into the lead role as Ali Davis, a successful sports agent at a male-dominated firm.

She has been overlooked for a massive promotion, which she puts down to the 'boys club' atmosphere at the organisation.

But after a suspicious psychic reading and concussive head-knock, Ali picks up the ability to read thoughts. Specifically, men's thoughts.

And she learns that maybe she's not as good a member of the team as she thought she was.

Where Mel Gibson's character used his gift to bed women and steal his female co-worker's ideas, Ali uses hers to get the upper-hand in a tense player negotiation and meddle with her friends' love lives.

Neither have the best intentions going in and both learn a lot about themselves and the opposite sex by the end of the movie.

That's about the size of the plot.

But no one goes into a rom-com for the plot - it's all about the romance and the laughs.

And What Men Want has both.

Ali's love interest is the especially dashing and charming Will, Henson's Hidden Figures co-star Aldis Hodge. 

Hodge plays off Henson well, and is the perfect straight man next to her over-the-top delivery.

Their intimate scenes provide some of the biggest laughs in the whole film.

The trio of ladies who play Henson's best friends are also a hoot and a half, while Ali's gay assistant buddy Brandon (Josh Brener) is a contender for the film's MVP.

There's foul language aplenty, a tonne of risque jokes and more than a casual nod to the Me Too movement.

If you want a good laugh, head out to see What Men Want - it's a crack-up.

Rating: 8/10