ON THE HUSTINGS | Simon Bennett with Melanie Gibbons

It's just another Saturday morning, except it's about one and a half months away from a NSW state election.

The usual people are here at the Moorebank shops, except for the team of volunteers and, of course, the local state MP for Holsworthy MelanieGibbons and that shows us it must be election time.

Handing out brochures, meeting the public, getting their message out and taking notes seemed to be what was on the agenda for the day.

Reactions from the public ranged from "You already have my vote" to "Well, let me just say the other end of the spectrum".

The feeling among the team was that things will be ramping up more for them in coming weeks so that sounds like we'll be seeing most of our local MPs around town.

Remember, now's the time you can have your say about problems in the state arena.

'Til next week . . .