PROPOSED MOVE CANNED | Nulon not on, and our political leaders are thrilled – not that Nulon is saying much

Nulon Products Australia has canned its proposed, and highly controversial, move from Moorebank to new premises at Leppington/Horningsea Park.

It had proposed a new combustible-substance storage facility at the Bringelly Road Business Hub

The company was far from forthcoming in explaining its reasons for not proceeding but local political leaders unanimously support the change of mind.

Federal Werriwa MP AnneStanley: “A tremendous win.”

State Liverpool MP PaulLynch: “The community should be congratulated.”

Liverpool mayor WendyWaller: “A win for common sense.”

Liverpool councillor NathanHagarty: “Absolutely fantastic.”

Nulon has decided to stay at its current location for the foreseeable future and wishes to make no further comment.

GREG SIMONS, Chief Executive, Nulon Products Australia

As for the company itself, we put these questions to them:

(1) What part did negative community feedback play in the decision not to move?

(2) Was the negative feedback justified to any degree? And how so? If not, why not?

(3) Will Nulon still move from Moorebank – if so, to where? When?

In response, Nulon chief executive GregSimons said, in full: “In reply to your email, Nulon has made the decision to stay at its current location for the foreseeable future and wishes to make no further comment in relation to the Leppington/Horningsea Park site.”

Federal Werriwa MP Anne Stanley said: "This is a tremendous win for local advocates. This location was not the right place for Nulon to build its facility. Residents were against it on the grounds of environmental, noise, and traffic impacts. The successful campaign against Nulon's proposed facility demonstrates the power of local grassroots action. I congratulate the residents on their persistence." 

State Liverpool MP Paul Lynch said: “The proposal for an oil-manufacturing facility was completely the wrong development for this location. I have no doubt the applicant’s decision not to pursue this proposal results from the community campaign against it. The community should be congratulated on their campaign.

“Arguing that this was somehow a ‘light-industrial’ development always seemed absurd. If this was regarded as a light-industrial facility, then considerable damage was being done to the meaning of plain English. It should also be a sobering lesson to those silly non-Labor councillors who expressed support for it.”

Mr Lynch spoke against this proposal in Parliament last March and August.

Liverpool mayor Wendy Waller said: “After the community and the council raised concerns about whether it was suitable to build a facility on Bringelly Road at Leppington, Nulon has withdrawn its application with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. The withdrawal of the application is a win for the residents but also a win for common sense.”

Liverpool councillor Nathan Hagarty said: “It’s an absolutely fantastic result for the community. All too often in NSW, local communities are locked out of the planning process or simply ignored and pushed aside in favour of developers, big business and vested interests. This result was due to the hard work of residents who got together, spoke up and got active. It shows how necessary it is to have a clear, transparent and accessible planning system.

“The proposed facility was simply unacceptable so close to a residential suburb. The blending of oils and the mass storage of aerosols is dangerous and no amount of checks and balances can ever completely remove the risk of human error.

“The application has been amended and now proposes a facility for the storage, cutting and distribution of steel products. As long as noise is kept to a minimum and within reasonable hours the proposal fits the current zoning.

“This was never about Nulon, it was about inappropriate industrial activity so close to a residential suburb. Nulon has been a great employer in the Liverpool area for many years and I hope that continues.”


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