LIVERPOOL BASKETBALL | It’s inclusive basketball for everyone

With 2019 seasons about to start the club is offering an even wider range of programs to cater for our community.

The men’s and unisex competitions are now open for registration along with our popular Aussie Hoops for youngsters aged 5 to 10 and development programs for children up to 17.

The club is announcing some exciting initiatives for 2019.

This year the association is hosting wheelchair basketball and expanding its special-needs programs.

Other initiatives are Sparta Ball for kids aged 3 to 4 to develop their co-ordination skills and to help young kids get into the habit of being active.

Wheelchair basketball is open to anyone who has a permanent lower-limb disability. It’s a sport in which Australia has produced some champion world-class players and the club is in the process of setting up trial days next month and rolling out a regular competition.

Liverpool has had a history of providing opportunities for people with special needs and the club looks forward to expanding this program again in 2019 as we are a sport for everyone.

Another initiative is walking basketball for over-55s who seek some cardio exercise without the impact of running and jumping.

It’s for players who walk, with some other rule changes to make it easier.

The game also allows for people who have help with a walker. In Australia it’s started to grow in popularity, as it has overseas.

Team nominations are now being taken for the new season of Monday night men’s and juniors’ competitions, Tuesday Unisex, girls-only programs and Aussie Hoops programs.

Games are for a wide cross-section of the community and are at the Whitlam Leisure Centre.

The club accepts the NSW government’s $100 Active Kids vouchers which has been a great thing to enable te parents to give their kids access to sports in our community across all codes.

The club now caters for players from 3 to 99.

  • Details: Scott Frater, general manager, Liverpool Basketball Association, or 0435 026 992.
  • Facebook: Liverpool Spartans Basketball.