PEACE COMES TO LIVERPOOL | Flowerdale visits exhibition

Flowerdale Cottage at Liverpool recently took 14 people on a day visit to Liverpool Regional Museum to view the Peace Comes to Liverpool exhibition about Australians – many locals –  who served in World War I.

The visitors, currently supported by Flowerdale, were led by peer-support worker Michael White. Peer-support workers have own mental-health experiences but are far enough down the recovery track to help others.

“We get people out into the community to see and learn as much as possible and as frequently as possible,” Michael said. “Connecting people with their community is one of the big keys to mental-health recovery. That could mean a visit to the shops, a national park, a zoo or the local museum.  

“The exhibition was particularly interesting for everyone who attended. A lot of good questions were asked and some of the visuals and accounts of what Australians involved in the Great War went through were mind-broadening. The visit was all the better given that specialist tour guides were on hand to tell stories behind the artefacts on display.” 

Flowerdale manager CatheeAndrew said such simple outings made a huge difference to people who live with mental-health problems. “Getting out into the community is essential for anyone on a mental-health recovery journey,” she said. “A simple visit to a museum isn’t just a social and educational experience it can be stimulating and therapeutic. Ultimately, we want people to do these things independently as they head to recovery.

“This visit has given everyone a lift – and not just the visit itself but in the days and weeks leading up to it.

“It’s been something to look forward to.”  

Flowerdale is run by community-based mental-health support provider Flourish Australiaand provides daily living support for hundreds of people with severe and persistent mental-health problems. It also offers support under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Flourish is a non-profit organisation providing support programs, employment, accommodation and hope for more than 5000 people with mental-health problems in NSW and Queensland. It advocates community-based help and has been running for over 60 years.