GROWING THE SOUTH-WEST | McGrath’s Anna among top 50 female real-estate agents nationally

AMONG TOP 50 WOMEN IN REAL ESTATE: Anna Younan, of McGrath Liverpool, Camden and Picton.

AMONG TOP 50 WOMEN IN REAL ESTATE: Anna Younan, of McGrath Liverpool, Camden and Picton.

Anna Younan, of McGrath LiverpoolCamden and Picton, has been named one of Australia’s leading real-estate sales agents in a national list of top-performing female agents.

Anna has ranked in the Real Estate Business’s Top 50 Women in Real Estate for 2018. She was No. 29.

The list ranks female real-estate agents across Australia according to factors including total sales volume, total number of deals and average sales price.

The top 50 is put together by Real Estate Business. Editor TimNeary said there were some surprises in this year’s ranking and that stats reveal some interesting new trends emerging across the most active markets.

These women are held in the highest esteem, even by competitors who are chasing their tails! These are female agents separating themselves from the pack by being true business leaders in the industry — in the face of some seriously challenging headwinds.

TIM NEARY, Editor, Real Estate Business

He said response to the ranking this year has been overwhelming and that it attracted the country’s elite women sales professionals who are excelling despite some of the industry’s current challenges.

“It‘s the foremost ranking of female agents in Australia,” he said. “Those who make the list are emulated, sought-after and held in the highest esteem, even by competitors who are chasing their tails!

“It highlights a group of female agents separating themselves from the pack by being true business leaders in the industry — in the face of some seriously challenging headwinds.”

The data collected for the top 50 was verified by a senior member of the agency or network or the office’s accountant.