New funding helps students find voices

Students at Liverpool Girls High School will be able to explore and embrace their identity and creativity through storytelling, after additional support was granted by the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation.

The foundation’s employee connected grants program gave a total of $550,000 to 25 charities this year including the Sydney Story Factory – a charity focusing on creative writing.

The Story Factory’s programs focus on youth who are most at risk of losing confidence in their writing abilities or switching off at school.

Participating students from Liverpool Girls High School will create original writing based on their personal experiences.

Liverpool Girls High School community liaison officer Samira Bawden said Sydney Story Factory has allowed students to engage with the curriculum in an unique way.

“Year 10 are studying Macbeth,” she said.

“The girls are transposing the themes and characters into a more contemporary setting, and making a connection from the past to the present that enhances their appreciation of Shakespeare and his relevance to our world today. 

“Year 7 are writing a fictional account of The Oldest Woman in the World where they select a decade to focus on. By reflecting on the past we can evaluate our future and these programs allow the students to explore the known and unknown with practical scaffolding that improves their grammar, vocabulary and structure in telling stories."

The workshops will also empower students to find their voice, re-reengage with their schoolwork, and improve their overall educational outcomes and possibilities.