LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Hey, Canberra – remember Sydney?

Generic image: rawpixel.com from Pexels
Generic image: rawpixel.com from Pexels

Sydney is currently seeing very significant population growth. A large part of that springs from decisions by the Federal Government. The last federal Liberal Government budget provided only three new transport projects in NSW:

  • $50 million in Planning money for the North/South rail link at Western Sydney Airport (now dwarfed by Labor’s commitment of $3 billion);
  • $300 million for the Port Botany rail duplication (less than the amount provided in Labor’s 2013 budget that was removed by the Liberals); and
  • about $900 million for the Coffs Harbour bypass.

There needs to be significant engagement by the Federal Government with Sydney. The pork-barrelling by the Liberal Government in Canberra of non-Sydney projects must stop.


Wattle Grove


Many people are concerned, understandably, with over-development in Liverpool and the inadequate facilities we have to meet the growth. We’re enduring massive residential development not just in the CBD but also in the suburbs. It’s therefore fascinating to see what’s happening in the leafy northern and eastern suburbs that are the strongholds of Gladys Berejiklian’s Liberal Party.

The Greater Sydney Commission’s five-year housing targets show the unvarnished grubbiness of the State Government’s bias. Their targets are merely 300 new dwellings in Woollahra, 150 in Hunters Hill and 1250 in Willoughby.

I don’t think people in Liverpool oppose development – but it must be properly planned and properly resourced and it must be fair. The Liberals are giving us over-development in our area and none at all in their strongholds. The Liberals are simply not capable of being fair.


Chipping Norton


Sydney’s top business leaders have united to call on the Federal Government to fund the Sydney Metro West, Australia’s most important public-transport project.

In a co-signed letter to the Prime Minister, the Sydney Business Chamber, the Western Sydney Committee for Sydney, the Sydney Olympic Park Business Association and the Western Sydney Business Connection are urging the Federal Government to collaborate with the NSW Government and secure the estimated $15 to $20 billion funding for the Metro West.

Currently, the T1 Western Line moves about 40,000 people in morning peak and is operating at 135 per cent seated capacity. Patronage has increased 11 per cent in 12 months and is anticipated to rise another 21 per cent in two years.

David Borger, of the Sydney Business Chamber, said: “We must have the Federal Government take an active and financial stake in its construction if it’s to be built in time to relieve overcrowding pressure on the T1 Western Line. If we’re serious about shifting the needle on jobs we must build Metro West as soon as possible.”

Eamon Waterford, of the Committee for Sydney, said: “Sydney’s population is growing rapidly, and it’s about time Sydney got a fair share of Commonwealth funding to reflect this growth, including for critical infrastructure. It’s imperative that the Metro West is fast-tracked to ensure the goal of a 30-minute city.”

Allison Taylor, of the Sydney Olympic Park Business Association, said: “Metro West will ensure Sydney Olympic Park’s standing as a super lifestyle precinct and support new homes and thousands of new jobs. It’ll be a vital transport link greatly improving connectivity between Sydney Olympic Park and Parramatta and Sydney CBDs and that must be a priority.”

Amanda Brisot, of the Western Sydney Business Connection, said: “The Metro West will eliminate the tyranny of distance between Parramatta and Sydney CBDs letting these two economic centres work in synergy and attract more jobs to Western Sydney. The sooner we get on with building the Metro West with the financial support of the Federal Government the better.”

The Committee for Sydney and the Sydney Business Chamber recently released a report on potential housing and employment along the Metro West corridor. It examined projected travel times between Parramatta and Sydney CBDs. The greatest jobs uplift for Western Sydney was if the journey was under 20 minutes. 


Sydney Business Chamber 


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