NSW Governor opens private school’s new sports building

The Governor of NSW David Hurley played a big part at Thomas Hassall Anglican College’s opening ceremony of the Rawdon Middleton VC Sports Complex last Wednesday.

Alongside the principal and school captains, he unveiled the official plaque at a private event in front of staff, parents and students.

The building is the largest capital works project undertaken by the school so far and was named after Rawdon Hume Middleton, a pilot who died serving the Royal Air Force in 1942 and relative of Thomas Hassall.  

The Governor said the opening was a success.

“I think it was a very special day and it was well conducted which is very important because the school is not just opening a new facility but remembering a great Australian and the spirit he represented by his sacrifices in World War two so I thought today was done sensitively while marking a special occasion,” the Governor told the Champion.

When he delivered his speech he had a special message for students.

“As you go in the hall here to play games, remember the games are about character building.

“Learn to accept the umpires decision, don’t go back up to the box, this is what these games are about - to understand what it means to lead, what it means to win, what it means to lose, what it means to sacrifice and what it means to be a member of the team.

“The VC stands for the highest award we can give and that man [Rawdon Middleton] deserved it, we know that. You deserve to learn from him and remember one message, duty first. Do your duty, lead well and think of others.”

He said school visits aren’t unusual for his timetable. 

“I visit schools quite regularly. We go to public schools, primary high school, independent schools, Muslim schools.

“When they asked us to come out and given the military connection we said yes. I lived at Holsworthy and was a young officer there in the mid 80s so I’m not unfamiliar with the area.

“I know some of the staff members here, we visited a couple of years ago as part of my visits program as Governor and the school does a very good job I believe.”

Liverpool Council deputy mayor Tina Ayyad was part of the crowd representing the council and as a parent.

Her two sons will now have the opportunity to enjoy the new facilities.

“It’s so wonderful to see the college is progressive and has continuous improvement. Our family’s only been here for a short time and we’ve seen so many great changes,” she said.

“The facilities are amazing and the extra curricular options open to the students, such as, music, language and sport.”

The building has two basketball courts, three classrooms on the upper levels and a new oval adjacent to the building. Students will be encouraged to play a wide range of sports including netball, futsal and indoor soccer.