LETTERS | Holsworthy fire, drought and more

Effects of fire, Intermodal

Picture: Pixabay

Picture: Pixabay

In and around WattleGrove this morning smoke from the Holsworthy military area fire was overpowering. Visibility heavily reduced, breathing affected. I went to a local retail outlet as far away as Casula and found staff gasping for air. During the day the noise from demolition as part of the government-supported Intermodal project was most pronounced. As evening fell the Black Hawk helicopters began manoeuvres as the Holsworthy Defence area continued to burn. I wonder if the Federal Government has any inkling of the mess they’ve made, and continue to make, around the Wattle Grove housing estate established by Defence Housing?


Wattle Grove

Childcare centre opposed

Casula residents strongly oppose the proposed development of a childcare centre at 5 Whiteley Close (DA-498/2018), with 60 children and 15 employees making noise arriving and departing and at breaks. There’s not enough space now for two cars to drive down the street. Cars from Whitely Close can’t get out to Glenfield Road now. With another 60 cars it’d be chaos. Childcare facilities proposed for cul-de-sacs or narrow lanes or roads should ensure safe access to and from the site and to and from the wider locality in emergency. The school is providing 30 car spaces on site and they can have up to 60 children. This is currently a quiet residential area. There will be more traffic entering the cull-de-sac and all in peak hour when locals are also likely to be trying to get in and out of the one-way cul-de-sac. So effectively your traffic flow has increased by maybe an extra 100 cars accessing the cul-de-sac morning and night. The development isn’t suitable for low-density zoning. It’s far too large with minimal boundary setbacks and doesn’t meet the NSW Government guidelines for planning of a childcare centre. The building will create privacy problems as it’s on the top of a hill, children and teachers will be able to see into homes and yards. It will also significantly block sunlight to adjoining homes. There’s no fire escape at the back, no access to the rear, just other houses. A fire engine wouldn’t be able to get down Whitely Close or the narrow lane to the proposed dwelling. The proposed childcare centre will have a negative impact on hundreds of surrounding homes.

TOM [surname withheld at request], on behalf of

Casula Action Group Against Childcare Centre

Support the farmers

Red Cross’s appeal for farmers and communities in severe drought runs to the end of August. Funds will go where most needed – 99 per cent of NSW and 57 per cent of Queensland is in drought. It’s time to show support to our farmers and farming communities doing it tough. Commonwealth Bank gave $1.75 million to the appeal and you can donate at branches. Red Cross is encouraging Australians to dig deep to support the effort. Give to the appeal online at redcross.org.au/drought, by calling 1800 RED CROSS or in person at a Commonwealth Bank branch.


chief executive, Red Cross, Sydney