POLICE NEWS | Hit in face with brick and stabbed

Police are seeking the public’s help to identify a man and a woman after an unprovoked attack on a Warwick Farm woman, 32, and man, 36.

They left their Lawrence Hargraves Road home when the woman was assaulted by another woman who hit her face with a brick. The women wrestled on the ground when the victim was stabbed in her back. The male victim separated the two and tried to lead the female victim back to home.

The male offender hit the male victim on the back of the head with a brick and put him in a headlock and assaulted him. He released him and the offenders ran off to Burlison Street.

Police and ambulance were called and took the victims to Liverpool Hospital with non-life-threatening head and back injuries. Police seek the woman, 30, of Caucasian appearance, with blonde shoulder-length hair, and the man, 20, of Middle Eastern appearance, of solid build, with dark hair and in a black shirt 

  • Any information to Liverpool police.
Can you help find this man? He may be able to help solve a theft from an unlocked car at West Hoxton on the night of June 27. Any information to the Liverpool anti-theft unit at Green Valley police station. Picture: NSW Police

Can you help find this man? He may be able to help solve a theft from an unlocked car at West Hoxton on the night of June 27. Any information to the Liverpool anti-theft unit at Green Valley police station. Picture: NSW Police

Police seek your help to find man

Police seek the public’s help to solve a theft from an unlocked car at West Hoxton on the night of June 27. A person allegedly entered the car and took a wallet with bankcards.

A man described as Aboriginal in appearance (see picture online), about 40, in a red-and-black Jim Beam cap, grey jacket and black T-shirt is alleged to have fraudulently used the bankcards at several places between Liverpool and Waterloo.

  • Any information to the Liverpool anti-theft unit at Green Valley police station.

Officers seize $1¾ million in pot

About 8.40am last Friday, WetherillPark region enforcement-squad police searched a place on Hemmie Road at Edmondson Park in relation to a hydroponic setup. No one was home. Four rooms were found to have cannabis plants of varying maturity. A total of 127 plants with an estimated street value of $254,000 plus equipment were seized. Investigations continue.

Next day, the same squad searched places at WestHoxton and CarnesHill for hydroponics. About 7am, they searched a place on Palana Close at West Hoxton and seized equipment used to cultivate cannabis plus 267 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of $747,000. A West Hoxton man, 21, at the home was arrested, taken to Liverpool police station and charged with cultivating a prohibited plant and unauthorised electricity use. He was refused bail to be in Liverpool court on July 3 when he was remanded to return to court on September 10.

About 7.40am, police searched a place on Macksville Street at Carnes Hill and seized equipment used to cultivate cannabis plus 203 cannabis plants with an estimated street value of $721,000. Equipment seized at both places will be forensically examined. 

Dad booked for drink-driving

About noon on July 3, highway and traffic support-unit police were doing random breath tests on Newbridge Road at Moorebank. They stopped a Toyota Kluger driven by an EagleVale man, 44, whose son, 12, was in the back seat.

The man was breath-tested and returned a positive result. He was arrested and submitted to a breath analysis returning a reading on 0.117. He was given a court-attendance notice to be in Liverpool court on July 31 and his license was confiscated.   

Mum knocks down toddler

About 8am on July 5, a Moorebank woman, 35, left home to go to work. She failed to notice her toddler son, 18 months, walk through the front door into the front yard. As she was reversing her car at very low speed, she felt a bump and heard her boy scream. She immediately braked and found the boy on the ground behind the car. An ambulance was called immediately and paramedics found he only had abrasions. The matter is still under investigation. 

Rooftop robbery at Westfield

Last Wednesday, Liverpool police arrested and charged a second person, a male, over the rooftop robbery at Westfield car park on June 27. Police learned the identity of the alleged offender following requests for public help. He was charged with aggravated robbery and inflicting bodily harm and was granted conditional bail to be in court on August 6.

Knife attack after party

A Liverpool man, 23, was arrested and charged with malicious wounding after an incident on Reilly Street. Police allege the offender and his partner were involved in an argument at a party. Upon returning home, the partner called relatives who went to the home and walked the alleged offender's partner from the marital home towards a relative’s house. The offender approached the group and argued with one of them. The argument became physical and the offender produced a small knife. The offender lunged, striking the victim with the knife on the back of the neck. Another male intervened and walked the offender back home. The victim, realising he’d been wounded with the knife, went to Liverpool Hospital where police were called. Police later attended and arrested the offender who was taken to Liverpool police station and charged with wounding, intending to cause grievous bodily harm. He was conditionally bailed to be in Liverpool court on August 22.