PET OF THE WEEK | Holmes, sweet Holmes

Holmes is a brindle male Staffordshire terrier, about 18 to 24 months old. He weighs about 27 kilos. He’s a big handsome boofhead of a boy who’s looking for his forever home – a typical Staffy who’s still young and adventurous, yet extremely sweet at heart.

He enjoys the company of other dogs, so a family with another dog would suit but a meet’n’greet would be needed to check compatibility. As he’s still young and learning manners he’ll need to learn how to behave around youngsters as he may bowl them over with enthusiastic play.

He’s well behaved on lead and knows how to sit but his training will need to continue with regards to acceptable behavior. He reacts well to direction, so with consistency he’d learn easily. He also enjoys treats so with some tasty enticements training this boy should be a piece of cake.

Toys are a must in his daily life as he loves playing with them and it’ll keep him entertained. He needs regular walks to burn off some energy. If you’re in the market for a dog to have a conversation with, he’s your man! He will talk back to you in a typical Staffy-fashion, not a bark, not a howl, but Staffy talk.

If you’re looking for a big sweet boy to complete your family look no further. He’s ready and waiting!

As Pet of the Week, Holmes’s adoption fee is just $150. This includes microchipping, desexing, vaccination, flea and worm treatments and lifetime registration in NSW. If you’d like to adopt him ask yourself the following questions: Can I handle a puppy best or would a mature dog actually be better? What size dog is best for me? Should the dog have endless energy or be a couch potato to watch TV with? Is my home noisy or quiet?

  • More about Holmes or others: Liverpool Animal Shelter, 402 Bringelly Road, Austral or or 8711 7333. Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm. With Liverpool Council.