Girls rugby league is on the rise

Joanne Cox signs off her email: footy mum, manager and proud.

It wasn’t always the case.

“My daughter Bobbi Jo hounded me for years to play football and each time I said no, thinking it was too aggressive for a female,” she said.

“Last year I relented...It has been the best decision I have ever made for her, as she never had committed to anything before, and now I can’t drag her away.”

Bobbi Jo is one of five girls in the All Saints Liverpool under-12s team.

Last year the team won the under 11 division three premiership containing four girls – the most ever in a team to win at that level.

The girls are known as Charlie’s Angels, in reference to club president Charlie Alam who is working with Joanne to develop the club’s first female team next year. 

Ashcroft resident Bobbi Jo started playing last year to follow in the footsteps of her female cousins.

She had previously played netball, softball, gymnastics, dancing, swimming.

“But rugby league is No.1 now. I enjoy playing with my friends and getting a chance to smash the boys,” she said.

“My favourite player is James Maloney because I’m a goalkicker too.”

Her mum has seen a big change in her confidence and self esteem since commencing club footy.

“Playing with boys has definitely helped both sexes learn to appreciate and help one another,” she said.