Edmondson Park: The council commits $22m

Liverpool Council have announced $22 million will be attributed to Edmondson Park infrastructure after they were were bombarded with concerns at a community forum last month.

For the first time, the council will take advantage of low-cost NSW Government loans, borrowed against future developer contributions, so that infrastructure for Edmondson Park Residents can be delivered as soon as possible.

The council chief executive Kiersten Fishburn explained what the funds would be used for. 

“$12 million [will be used] for a flood detention basin and a further $10 million for the extension of Bernera Rd,” she said.

Ms Fishurn said the council are also working on several other projects to improve the area. “The council has committed $24 million to the Bernera Rd extension and $20 million over two years for the flood-retention basin. Work on Bernera Road is due for completion early in 2019, while work on the flood-retention basin will begin in the financial year.

“We’re negotiating a voluntary planning agreement with Frasers Property, which will pay for a community centre, parks and roads with a total value of $35 million.”