Break turned break-in

Holsworthy break-in: Elli Duke said police are currently still investigating and have successfully found fingerprints.
Holsworthy break-in: Elli Duke said police are currently still investigating and have successfully found fingerprints.

A couple who recently moved into Holsworthy drove down the coast for a holiday with their two dogs over the Christmas break.

Elli Duke and her partner (who request anonymity for security reasons) left December 14 and returned on December 21. 

But when they arrived home, they realised people broke into their home and allegedly stole a little cash and jewellery. They did not take anything else.

“I was shocked and unprepared for it to say the least,” Miss Duke said.

“We arrived home not realising anything was wrong until we saw our bedroom had all the draws flung out and things everywhere, each room was the same. 

“We only moved to Sydney eight weeks prior and have never had a break in before so we were very shocked. We saw the window had been smashed and the security screen ripped from the window to unlock and slide it open.”

Miss Duke and her partner called police who attended the scene and carried out investigations.

“We rang the police and forensic people came around to dust for fingerprints and they found a couple.

“We were told they escaped over the back fence. They left our sliding door open the whole time we were away. We were able to get the screen fixed right away the next day which was handy.”

She believes the people who broke into their home must have been disappointed with their findings.

“I was surprised they didn't touch the TV or the MacBook Air. Police said they were likely looking for cash and jewellery.

“They only stole a small amount of cash and jewellery. We don't really keep that stuff in the house so I think they would have been very dissapointed. They seemed to know all the places to look, they even looked through a bunch of photos.

“I think the dogs not being there would have given them free access to the backyard. They must have known we weren't there and must have been strong to rip off a CrimSafe security window screen.”

She said the incident made her feel vulnerable.

“It's not only the things they take that affect you, they have taken our sense of security and privacy in our own home. I wanted to move the moment I realised what was going on but we are staying and will be more smart next time.” 

Liverpool Police Crime manager Dean Johnstone urged residents to be careful.

“When people decide to take time to travel, some security initiatives to consider are notify trusted neighbours, have friends attend the house daily to clear the mail box and collect local newspapers, use timers to light up the house at the times the house it usually lit up and ask a neighbour to park their vehicles in the driveway,” he said. 


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