WSU | Students’ perspective on the new Liverpool campus

WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE: Plans for the new WSU Liverpool campus. Picture: WSU website
WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE: Plans for the new WSU Liverpool campus. Picture: WSU website

The major expansion by Western Sydney University into Liverpool was announced by then-premier Mike Baird who said, according to the WSU website: “I'm proud to announce the University of Western Sydney [as it was then known] will establish a state-of-the-art higher education centre in the heart of Liverpool in 2016.”.

The introduction of this new campus was a decision greatly supported by local businesses. The campus will generate more traffic and boost businesses close by.

As Liverpool is becoming Sydney’s next big western city, WSU will aim to expand as much as possible to develop and increase its mass in terms of making Liverpool better and bigger.

“It’s predominantly to grow our reach – we found there was a lack in market in terms of our Liverpool area.” said WSU’s Fatima (surname not available).

WSU Liverpool wants to have a large impact on businesses around the campus. There are expected to be great facilities for students’ learning that will augment practical work. “We’ll be having a lot of partnerships such as Liverpool hospital as well as our community centres in Liverpool for our social-science and psychology degrees.”

As education continues to grow, a new campus in our area will benefit those who live in Liverpool. More students enrolling at the new WSU campus will be an advantage for businesses around campus as it will attract more people to retail outlets, restaurants and markets. “It’s also our new growth hub in Sydney so that’s one of the main reasons we opened up a campus there the following year.”

Considering the proximity of the campus to Liverpool CBD, students will have a variety of places to go during class breaks. “Restaurants will get more customers as well as other shops because of the new crowd of students who’ll dominate the area,” local worker Aku Tonjeni said.

“Liverpool has many amenities such as shopping centres, schools, restaurants and banks so introducing a new campus will definitely make it a more popular suburb,” said Michelle (surname not available), who works at a local supermarket.

Despite the positive reactions from business employees towards the new campus, there were worries about increased local traffic.

Christina Tran, who works at a local fruit shop, said: “There are many people who’d go to WSU from the Liverpool area so it’d be convenient for them however the traffic in the area is already quite busy.”

The campus is just five minutes away from public transport. such as bus stops and train stations. And the university offers free shuttle services from the campus to the station.

Liverpool has welcomed several major investments and the proclamation of the new campus fits with then-mayor Ned Mannoun’s major construction plans for the city centre to complement the new Western Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek.

WSU vice-chancellor Barney Glover said the proposed Liverpool campus was a “very strong starting point” for the university. "A university needs to be here and we need to build a presence in Liverpool." he said.

Suitably, Liverpool is a young city. The median age of residents is 33 compared with greater Sydney’s 36. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly 40 per cent of Liverpool residents are younger than 25 so the new WSU will be drawing from a large pool of talent.


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