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​Should the age to buy smokes be raised?

Sam Samsel Willis: Why not ban them completely, smokers will be angry but only for a few months. But they will thank you when they're not dead and can buy whatever they want with the savings they make.

Loc Dg: If they want it, they will find a way to get it anyhow. Find adult friends or family to buy it for them. The more you ban something, the more likely you will unintentionally create a black market for it. It’s useless. If you can’t enforce it then don’t change the current law to criminalise them. Instead, promoting healthy living and encourage people to stop smoking. That, is going to have more positive impact on someone’s life.

Renee DeGiorgio: It's a good idea but first your not going to stop young people from smoking and secondly 18 in Australia is classed as the legal age for anything if they are going to do it, it should be for alcohol too like overseas.

Chris SparrowWhat’s the point? They can’t police the ones smoking under 18 now.

Voulla Tomaszewski: And yet they do not think of making the drinking age 21. it’s always about the smokes but never the alcohol.

On National Police Remembrance Day we remembered Constable David Carty, stabbed to death leaving a pub in 1997

Allanah Cassar Falappi: Such a sad loss in our community.

Lynda McGuire: God bless, David Carty. You were, and are, a fantastic guy.

Sarina Ripepi: I can't believe that time has passed so fast. You were a good friend. RIP, David.

Julie Duffield: So sad, he was a good guy.

More parking proposed for Cabramatta

Xuan Thao Nguyen: The parking price in Cabramatta is very expensive. Shoppers should get free parking for the first two hours in a multi-storey car park.

Ana Bella: I think Cabramatta has enough parking, it’s just that people stay all day.


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