POLICE NEWS | 16 Fire & Rescue units fight fire at Warwick Farm

About 9.50am on September 30, no less than 16 Fire and Rescue units as well as police were called to industrial units on Scrivener Street at Warwick Farm to attend a fire. Upon arrival, three units were well alight. Fire & Rescue worked quickly to control and extinguish the fire.

Investigations showed an employee of a car-wrecking business was stripping a vehicle and inadvertently caused the fire.

The fire was fuelled by petrol and quickly took hold spreading across three unit blocks and the high number of Fire & Rescue units attended to contain and extinguish the fire. The immediate area was evacuated.

The employee was taken to Concord Hospital with burns to his hands and legs and was in a stable condition. The fire is not considered suspicious.

Woman demands poker winnings

About 11.30am on September 25 a man attended a licensed premises at Liverpool where he met an Ashcroft woman, 23. They played the poker machines and moved on to other licensed premises. Mid-afternoon they left one premises and she demanded some of the poker winnings.

He refused to hand over any and the woman got aggressive. He retreated but she chased him, pushed him in the chest causing him to fall and hit his head. While he was dazed, she took his wallet from his pocket and ran to the station. He regained his feet and chased her, quickly catching up to her. After a verbal confrontation, she dropped the wallet which he picked up.

Police arrived and arrested her. She kicked an officer’s head. She was subdued, taken to Liverpool police station and charged with robbery, assault causing bodily harm and assaulting and resisting police. She was refused bail and appeared in Liverpool court on September 26 when she was conditionally bailed to appear in Campbelltown District Court on November 22. 

Blackett woman unlicensed . . .

About 8.30am on September 26, police stopped a Blackett woman, 19, while driving on Stockton Avenue at Moorebank in relation to a random breath test. She gave false details to police, later contradicted by fingerprints. Police found she was unlicensed and had an outstanding warrant. She was arrested and her belongings searched. Police found two small clear bags allegedly containing ice, a credit card in another person’s name and a laser pointer. She was taken to Liverpool police station and charged with being unlicensed, giving false details, having two prohibited drugs, having goods in custody, having a laser pointer in a public place and the outstanding warrant. She was refused bail and appeared in Liverpool court where she was bailed to reappear on November 7.

. . . unlicensed at Cabramatta

Last Sunday, police stopped a Cabramatta woman, 35, while driving on Cumberland Highway at Cabramatta. She didn’t have a licence and gave police false details. Checks revealed she was disqualified from driving until January 2020. She was charged with giving a false name and driving while disqualified. She’s due in Liverpool court on October 16.

Red light outside the cop shop

At 9.45pm on September 26, police were in the driveway of Cabramatta police station at the Cabramatta Road West/Acacia Street corner. A Toyota Yaris ran a red light on Cabramatta Road. The male Bankstown driver, 29, was fined $439 and lost three demerit points.

Copper pipes and cable missing

Between 2am and 3am last Wednesday, a Heckenberg man, 27, allegedly took copper pipes and electrical cable from a Canley Vale business on Prospect Road. He was arrested and charged with:having housebreaking tools, larceny and entering a building to commit an offence. Bail was refused. He’s due in Liverpool court on November 8.