Casula resident embraces pink for a good cause

The Cancer Council are encouraging Liverpool residents to host a Pink Ribbon fundraiser this October to support women affected by breast and gynaecological cancers.

According to the Cancer Council about 65 women in Australia are diagnosed with breast or a gynaecological cancer daily.

Funds raised from Pink Ribbon events will go towards research, prevention programs, awareness and support services.

One Casula woman, Sharda Jogia, who will be throwing a Pink Ribbon fundraiser this month said she raised about $6000 last year when she threw a girls only event at her house for the same cause.

Ms Jogia said this year, she’s hoping to raise $4000 to $5000 and is expecting more than 50 guests.

Just like last year, she’s planning to set up a marquee in her backyard.  And hailing from a Fijian-Indian background, she said there will be a lot of pink sari’s, Bollywood dancing and auctions for Indian clothing and sari’s.

Not to mention – a big part of the day will be the cuisine. She said it will take her a week to prepare the food leading up to the fundraiser as she provides it herself. There will be all the traditional Indian dishes one could expect including biryani, curries and a lot of juicy fruits.

But she said one of the highlights from last year were the guest speakers from the Cancer Council.

“Last year we had guest speakers who spoke about the importance of breast screenings and the importance of research. We’ll have them this year too.”

She said one of the reasons why she is holding a fundraiser again this year is because someone close to her was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“I have a close friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, which was devastating. In a way she was lucky she had a mammogram and was diagnosed at an early stage. She noticed the symptoms but there could be women who leave it too late. It can happen to anyone.

“Most women coming would probably know someone who has been through cancer. But I am encouraging my friends daughters to come too as we are also trying to raise awareness and encourage routine check ups, such as pap smears.”

Ms Jogia works at South-west Sydney Local Health District, which she said has influenced her health-focused mindset.

“It’s important for young women to learn because you can get it at any age. The sooner they learn about this the better.

“I just wanted to do something for my family and friends.”

It’s also an excuse to get together with friends and have quality girl time, no matter the contribution – big or small.

  • Details: if you’re interested in hosting a Pink Ribbon fundraiser call 1300 65 65 85 or visit to register.