INITIAL STATEMENT | CASA pleased with pilots’ handling of West Hoxton forced landing | VIDEO

Screenshot taken from 7 news footage.
Screenshot taken from 7 news footage.

In an initial statement pending the results of the full investigation, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority says it’s pleased with how the pilots handled last week’s emergency landing of a light plane at West Hoxton and that they landed safely.

Two men returned home safely after a pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after experiencing engine failure.

Last Tuesday just after 3pm police and emergency services were called to the scene at Mondoora Drive.

Police believe the plane initially took off at Bankstown Airport. There were two men aboard the Piper Archer 3. The plane made a successful emergency landing – avoiding houses. 

It landed in a reserve where it hit a fence and a few trees.

One of the men, 29, broke his finger and both men were taken to Liverpool Hospital for treatment.

A CASA spokesman said the Australian Transport Safety Bureau was investigating further.

He said CASA was pleased with how the pilots had handled the situation and that they landed safely.

“There’s an investigation under way so we don’t want to prejudge what’s happened but where pilots successfully make a forced landing, this shows a positive outcome if pilots follow procedures.

“Part of a pilot’s training is for emergencies and part of that is forced landings and engine failure. Pilots are trained for forced landings and the keys to it are maximised gliding distance of the aircraft if you haven’t got power and landing on a flat terrain.”

He said it was important for training pilots to do the preflight planning.

“When you get into any emergency situation, clearly the pilot is under a lot of pressure and that’s why it’s important to do preflight planning carefully. Pilots don’t just learn mechanical skills they learn how to plan and look ahead, too.”

Basair were contacted but were not willing to comment at this stage.


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