Lorraine Peel breaks record with grand final win

Eyes on the ball: Cartwright resident Lorraine Peel shows off her skills last week. Picture: Simon Bennett
Eyes on the ball: Cartwright resident Lorraine Peel shows off her skills last week. Picture: Simon Bennett

Lorraine Peel has officially retired. Well, sort of. “I’ve hung up my boots – for now. I say it at this time every year so who knows,” she said.

If it is the end, what a finish it was for the 65-year-old.

65? Yes, the Cartwright resident is 65 and still playing football for the Liverpool Rangers.

She doesn’t make up the numbers either.

Peel scored the winning penalty for the Rangers in their 3-2 win against Moorebank Sports in the All Age Ladies division three grand final.

It was no fluke. She did the same thing against the same opposition to get the team into the decider.

What makes it even more remarkable is that Peel is a goalkeeper and netted the winner on both occasions.

“I did play striker when I first started 27 years ago – I was quite fast back then,” Peel said.

“Then one day our sweeper got injured and the coach asked if I could play there so did that for 10 years and it has only been in the last couple of years I have played goalkeeper.

I just love playing the game. I love running around and playing in a team.

Lorraine Peel

“I have scored most of my goals with my head throughout my career so to score a penalty in the final I was very excited.

“I just love playing the game. I love running around and playing in a team.”

She has been quite successful as well.

In her 27 years she has only missed the semi finals three times and has eight premiership jackets in her closet.

Even in retirement, the accolades are poised to continue.

Currently, the Guinness World Record for the oldest active female football player is 60.

At 65, Peel smashes that record.

“I went to the doctor before Christmas because I hurt myself playing and he asked had I checked the Guinness World Records book for the oldest player,” Peel said.

“So my daughter checked and the oldest female was 60 so I registered and I have been uploading proof onto the website. I’m just waiting on a few more documents and hopefully it is accepted.”

What doesn’t need checking is her contribution to the game; not only as a player but as a coach.

She has coached her three daughters, 10 grandchildren and two great grandchildren during her time in the sport which began when she watched a female game from over the fence and thought “I could do that”.

Before she was a football star she represented the state in netball and ten pin bowling. In recent times she has played softball at the World Masters Games.

So what’s the secret to her longevity?  “I try to keep fit and healthy and I go to the gym every day,” she said.

“I also have good genes as well – my dad was a good snooker player and my mum is 85.”

The numbers add up for a pretty sweet retirement for the finance officer – for now.

“My daughter wants me to play with her and her daughter in five years time so there is three generations on the same field. So who knows. I might stop now so I don’t get injured and come back,” she said.

“If I have played my last game, I have enjoyed every minute.”

SDSFA 2017 champions

Division one

Grade 12: Kemps Creek 

Grade 13: Bossley Sports

Grade 14: Kemps Creek

Grade 15: Fairfield Pats

Grade 16: Moorebank 

Grade 17: AC United

Grade 18: White City

Grade 21: Mt Pritchard

Alliance: Sporting Rovers

Premier League Reserve Grade: FC Eagles

Premier League First Grade: Sydney Juniors

Ladies 12 div 2: Austral Soccer 

Ladies 12 div 1: AC United

Ladies 14 div 2: Hinchinbrook

Ladies 14 div 1: Chipping Norton

O35 div 1: White City

Ladies 16 div 1: AC United

Ladies 18/21: AC United

LAA div 3: Liverpool Rangers

LAA div 1: Sporting Rovers

Ladies 16 div 4: Sydney Juniors

Ladies 16 div 3: Bossley Sports

Ladies 16 div 2: Moorebank Sports

LAA div 2: Mt Pritchard Juniors

U12 div 2: Bonnyrigg FC

U12 div 3: Canley Heights

U12 div 4: Sydney Juniors

U12 div 5: Liverpool Olympic

U12 div 6: Liverpool City Robins

U13 div 2: Moorebank Sports

U13 div 3: Moorebank Sports

U13 div 4: Moorebank Sports

U14 div 2: Liverpool Warriors

U14 div 3: Fairfield Hotspurs

U14 div 4: Hinchinbrook

U14 div 5: Liverpool Rangers

U15 div 2: AC United

U15 div 3: Moorebank Sports

U15 div 4: Liverpool Rangers

U16 div 2: AC United

U16 div 3: Moorebank Sports

O35 div 2: Kemps Creek

O35 div 3: Bonnyrigg FC

O35 div 4: Liverpool Warriors

U17 div 2: Mt Pritchard 

U18 div 2: Liverpool Rangers

AAM div 2: Kemps Creek

AAM div 3: Chipping Norton

AAM div 4: Moorebank Sports

AAM div 5: Austral Soccer

AAM div 6: Fairfield Hotspurs

AAM div 7: Moorebank Sports

AAM div 8: Sporting Rovers

AAM div 9: Lansvale United

AAM div 10: Freeman Sports