Top Argentinian band rocks Uruguayan Club

The much-loved Argentinian band Ariel Puchetta & La Otra Dimension finished their Australian tour with a full house on Saturday, rocking the Uruguayan Club at Hinchinbrook.

The club came alive to the performance of  this top and renowned Argentinian group – who are also known as “Ex Rafaga”.

The shows were conducted over two consecutive weeks, attracting more than 1000 people all up.

The event was organised and produced by Azuquita Entertainment, producers and promoters of Latin events in Sydney and across Australia. 

As part of Ariel Puchetta & La Otra Dimension’s Down Under tour, shows were also held in Canberra and Melbourne and these also attracted a very high number of people.

And their shows appealed not just to the Latin American community but also to a vast variety of people from lots of different cultural backgrounds. 

Ariel Puchetta & La Otra Dimension are particularly well-known throughout South America and across Europe.

Their most popular songs include Mentirosa, Luna y Tu, Rafaga de Amor, Maldito Corazon.​