Orange Grove Mega Centre expansion proposal soon to go on public exhibition

You will soon be able to have your say on the proposed expansion of the Orange Grove Mega Centre.

Following the Department of Planning and Environment’s Gateway determination, Liverpool council is preparing a proposal to change the current planning controls on the site.

This would allow more retail stores to be built on land next to the existing shopping centre.

The Department stated it was aware of concerns about the potential impact on existing shopping centres in the area and has considered a number of independent economic studies, as well as advice from the Planning Assessment Commission and its chief planner Gary White.

However it has determined that the planning proposal to add extra retail space has “enough strategic merit” to continue to public exhibition.

“Liverpool’s population is expected to grow by more than 100,000 new residents by 2036,” Mr White said.

“This will lead to an increase in demand for more shops, more convenience, more choice and better prices for current and future shoppers. More shops will also bring more jobs to the area.

“If approved, the proposal would create around 576 full-time and part-time jobs as well as construction jobs.”

Before the proposal can go on public exhibition allowing residents to share their views on the extension, Liverpool council has had to adhere to a number of conditions set out by the Department.

The conditions included consulting with the Rural Fire Service about bushfire protection, amending maps and the description of the property and updating information about potential impacts on other retail centres in the area.

Council chief executive Kiersten Fishburn said while council had addressed the conditions it now needed to consider a Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) proposed by the applicant, to upgrade the intersection of Viscount Place and Orange Grove Road.

“A report will be presented to Council outlining the traffic and pedestrian improvements that will be implemented through the VPA,” Ms Fishburn said.

“Once the VPA has been approved by council, it will need to go on public exhibition. Ideally this will happen in conjunction with the planning proposal.

“Council is keen to progress the planning proposal to public exhibition as soon as possible as it will help address a shortfall in retail options within a large catchment that extends into the Fairfield area.”

Before making a final decision, the Department will consider the planning proposal, Feedback from community, businesses and government agencies and any other information.