Harle and Rowe head team tickets

THE Liverpool Community Independents Team has named a newcomer on the top of their ticket for the September council elections.

While Bringelly resident Pauline Rowe is well known in the community for campaigning about local matters, this will be her first step into the political arena.

Cr Nadia Napoletano, a team member, won't be standing at the next election. Mrs Rowe will be at the top of ticket in the South Ward, followed by Liverpool Rotary Club secretary June Young.

Cr Peter Harle will be on the top of the ticket in the North Ward, followed by former councillor Stephen-Dobell Brown.

Mrs Rowe has been the secretary of Liverpool Community Independents Team for three years.

"So because of this role, I'm not just on top of the rural issues, I'm over all the issues in Liverpool," she said.

Mrs Rowe owns a small business in project management and has lived in Bringelly for nearly 16 years.

"If you don't get planning right, nothing else will go right," Mrs Rowe said.

Mrs Rowe would like to see better planning for the growth areas.

"If Badgerys Creek airport had gone ahead 10 to 15 years ago as planned, we would have had to deal with it.

"There are now more factors involved than before and in the next 10 to 20 years the rural areas have been planned for an additional 90,000 homes with the South West Growth Centre.

Mrs Rowe said she never wanted to be part of a political party. "But we're truly independent in LCIT," she said. "We do differ in a lot of our views."

The Liverpool Community Independents Team is holding a fund-raising dinner on Saturday, May 12 at the Hubertus Country Club in Luddenham. Details: Phone Janice 0430 546 718 or Pauline 0416 095 626.