Most keen to take up a second term

Running: Mayor Wendy Waller.
Running: Mayor Wendy Waller.
No: Nadia Napoletano.

No: Nadia Napoletano.

Yes: Jim McGoldrick.

Yes: Jim McGoldrick.

Running: Gary Lucas.

Running: Gary Lucas.

Yes: Peter Harle.

Yes: Peter Harle.

MAYOR Wendy Waller (Labor): Yes, South Ward.

"I will be running for mayor because there is so much yet to achieve for our future. It's been a privilege to serve as a mayor elected by the people of Liverpool and to be the first woman to do so."

Achievements: "I've met with stakeholders to bring employment to the area; met with planning stakeholders to get better outcomes for the area; and I've had involvement in planning the M5 extension. Represented the city when requested. Worked to make Liverpool a place for everybody."

Councillor Gary Lucas (independent): Yes, North Ward.

"I will be running because I want to finish what I've started. I want to finish the car park strategy for the CBD, get more resources for our roads and try and work out a better system for rubbish dumping. I will also be running for mayor."

Councillor Peter Harle (Liverpool Community Independents Team): Yes, North Ward.

"I think the current councillors, particularly the group of independents, have achieved a lot in Liverpool. Parking was one of the most important issues and still is. We've made quite a few improvements to the road and had success with graffiti and posters. We've worked on the three most important things — the appearance of the city, the roads and the parking. The council is now in a much better financial position than it was before."

Councillor Anne Stanley (Labor): Yes, South Ward.

"I would like to be part of ensuring that the direction of Liverpool goes positively, and that we improve access for the community to all facilities. Also to ensure that there is a stable and working government."

Councillor Mazhar Hadid (Liberal): The Liberal party hasn't announced candidates.

"What we achieved in the last four years is a lot. In the last election the Liberal candidates ran our campaign on the car park issues in Liverpool, and we achieved this: a new car park in Collimore. We want to develop more car parks in Liverpool. We're also building a regional library in Carnes Hill. For the first time Liverpool Council has had a lot of assets including Scott Street and Moore Street. We've appointed a very capable general manager and a new manager to look after economic development in Liverpool. For first time, councillors have started scrutinising everything that comes before council."

Councillor Ali Karnib (Labor): Yes, North Ward.

Councillor Karnib did not return the Champion's calls but was named on the Labor ticket.

Councillor Nadia Napoletano (Liverpool Community Independents Team): No.

"I'm not running because of a mixture of personal issues and family commitments. Basically it's disappointment from the political nature of the role. I enjoy the role of councillor and the strategic part we play in helping community but the nonsense that goes with it from the political perspective is disheartening. We need to de-politicise council. People caught up in party politics forget why they're there — as community representatives. My family is older now and the kids need me but that's not to say I'm ruling out a return to the council arena in the future."

Councillor Ghulam Gillani (Labor): No.

"I have enjoyed my time on council but for private reasons I did not put my nomination in to run in the next election. I am still a true-blue diehard Labor member."

Councillor Tony Hadchiti (Liberal): The Liberal party hasn't announced candidates.

"What have we achieved? Absolutely lots. Firstly what we achieved within council is a different mentality. I believe residents are the big winners because it has been a mixed council. The response I'm getting is that a lot more things are getting done. There's a lot of different people and we're hearing everyone's views. Previously the council was dominated by Labor. When Labor, Liberal and the independents debate things, the residents are the winners."

Councillor Jim McGoldrick (independent): Yes, South Ward.

"I've put in a lot of work in the community over the years. I've dedicated time for the community to liaise their concerns with me. There's been a lot of learning on the way. What I know now from when I walked in the door is very useful as well. Most people on council are working for the good of our community, especially the independents. I am running for the position of mayor. An independent mayor would not be scared to say what they think and I have a reputation for saying what I think. And usually it's what my community is saying."

Councillor Ned Mannoun (Liberal): The Liberal party hasn't announced candidates.

"As a group of three Liberals, being a minority, we argued a lot of good cases. As a council, we started paying off and reduced Labor's debt from Oasis. Council's economic management has improved. We now own buildings on top of Scott Street and at 33 Moore Street which generate $1.5 million in rent a year."