Liverpool man reverses across street into house

Firefighters have rescued a man who was trapped in his car, after it crashed into a Liverpool house.

Police, Paramedics and three Fire and Rescue units from Liverpool and Busby arrived at the house on Vincent Avenue, yesterday at 3.30pm.

Liverpool Police Acting Inspector Jillian Gisbon said the 59-year-old driver had reversed out of his driveway, through a letterbox and across the street.

It then mounted the curb, drove through a metal fence, onto a rock retaining wall and stopped on a concrete veranda that was about one metre above the ground. 

Inspector Gibson said police suspect the driver was under the influence and that he had been taken to Liverpool Hospital for mandatory blood tests.

South west Sydney duty commander inspector Kernin Lambert said that during the collision, the car had hit a pole attached to an awning, causing it to partially collapse and trap the driver.

Firefighters used specialist rescue cutting equipment to cut away sections of the awning.

‘‘This was a fairly major incident,’’ said Inspector Lambert.

‘‘Firefighters and paramedics were at the scene for three hours and worked under severe conditions.

‘‘During the rescue there was also the danger of further structural collapse.’’

The two people in the home at the time of the incident were not injured