High-rise plan meets resistance

CARTWRIGHT residents have called on Liverpool Council to reject a development application for the construction of a unit complex they say will overshadow their homes, increase traffic and create parking problems.

Tammy Borland, who lives on Willan Drive, a residential street behind the site of the proposed five-storey building on Hoxton Park Road, has organised a petition, which she sent to Liverpool MP Paul Lynch, to protest against the building.

"My family has lived here for 43 years and we have four generations living in one house, including my grandmother and my baby," Ms Borland said. "This is a quiet and a peaceful area and we don't want that to change.

"We're concerned that this building will block out light and create lots of traffic in neighbouring streets."

Ms Borland said that residents were also concerned that the 18-unit building, proposed by developers Raad Property Group and Adouni Property Group, would have only 21 parking spaces.

"The building will have a total of 37 bedrooms, so there should be at least double the amount of car spaces because each unit would have at least two cars. This will mean residents will be parking in nearby streets."

She said she and her neighbours were also concerned that antisocial behaviour and graffiti might increase in the alleyway connecting their street to Hoxton Park Road as a result of the development.

Liverpool Council chief executive officer Carl Wulff said the plans for the building would be on public exhibition until July 7.

"Once the public consultation period ended, the issues expressed by residents will be considered by planning officers," Mr Wulff said.

The building's designer, Charlie Zappia, director of Algorry Zappia and Associates, disputed the residents' criticisms.

"The complex can't overshadow their homes because Hoxton Park Road is on the south side of the building so most of the shade would be falling there," Mr Zappia said.

"That whole area has been zoned for high density development, so the character of those streets is set to change."

He said the number of parking spots provided for the building's residents should not be a problem.

"This building is close to the T-way buses so many residents will not be relying on cars."


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