Man charged over possession of a prohibited pistol at Heckenberg

After he threatened a police officer during a confrontation in south west Sydney Azzam Yaghi was found to be in possession of a prohibited pistol, which had never been registered, a court heard on Saturday.

Mr Yaghi, 36, of Greenacre, represented himself when he appeared at Parramatta Bail court over the incident which occurred in Heckenberg on Friday and argued that police had no evidence against him.

He applied for bail but it was refused.

A police fact sheet tendered to the court said that Mr Yaghi became involved in an argument with a Fairfield Police Highway Patrol officer, who he had previously met, after he pulled over a Toyota Camry that Mr Yaghi was a passenger in on Tantangara Street at about 10am.

The fact sheet said that Mr Yaghi questioned why the car had been pulled over and had told the officer that he would find out where he lived.

He said to the officer: "Don't you worry, I will find out where you live. We will see what happens, hey?"

At about 10.30am the same morning police allege they saw the accused leaning into the back passenger window of the same car, which then drove off.

Police allege at this time it was the public order and riot squad that was patrolling the area and they had reason to follow the car.

The fact sheet said the car was pulled over again on St Johns Road, in the neighbouring suburb of Busby and the accused again threatened the same police officer.According to the fact sheet he said: "Don't worry, one or your guys will give me information and I'll find you. How do you think I know about the prostitution warning, hey?"The car was searched and officers found a Fabrique Nationale .32 calibre self loading pistol with a magazine containing one round, which had never been registered, the fact sheet said.Police allege they also found a sum of money, two mobile phones and a glass pipe on Mr Yaghi when they searched him.Mr Yaghi was charged with possessing a loaded pistol in a public place, possessing an unauthorised and unregistered pistol, not keeping a firearm safely and intimidating a police officer.He is due to appear at Liverpool Local Court on Tuesday, July 1.