Disney princess guest at pop expo

Actress Ming-Na Wen plays Agent Melinda May in the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Actress Ming-Na Wen plays Agent Melinda May in the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

DISNEY acting royalty will be appearing at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo this weekend at Sydney Olympic Park.

The voice of Disney princess Mulan, Ming-Na Wen, will be on hand to meet her fans as well as promoting her latest role in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series.

‘‘Mulan was one of my favourite projects for sure, because come on, who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess?’’ she said.

‘‘But Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is really a culmination of a lot of things for me. The geek girl in me grew up daydreaming about being the hero who saves the day and being really cool. So it is nice to go and fulfil that fantasy.

‘‘I go to work and I get to pretend all day long.’’

Wen plays the fiery ex-pilot and weapons expert Agent Melinda May.

‘‘I am excited to come and visit Sydney,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m so looking forward to meeting the fans and seeing what Supanova is all about. I hope I run into a few Agent May’s at the convention.

‘‘I love when the fans surprise me with things they make, this one gentleman at a Comic-con made a little Lego of May which was adorable. Another gentleman carved a shield, these fans of ours are so talented and creative.

‘‘I am looking forward to see what the talented Australian fans come up with.’’

Wen said she enjoyed doing her her own fight scenes for the series.

‘‘But it takes a long time,’’ she said.

‘‘We shoot it sometimes in eight hours; although the last fight scene I did was the final fight scene of the season between me and Ward. We shot that for 17 hours.

‘‘I am happy my body holds up. It’s a long day of fighting and if you have any aggression you get it out really good.

‘‘Shooting Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been one of the most rewarding, exhausting, fun experiences I have ever had as an actress. I love this character so much.’’

She said she feels very fortunate to have gotten the role of Agent May.

‘‘The writers create these amazing adventures for us, every day I come to work and jump into a story book,’’ she said. 

‘‘I get to live out these amazing adventures. Everyday we show up on set and there is this incredible sandbox which has been built for us. 

‘‘The set that you see on TV is so elaborate, I feel so bad because the set designers and builders are really our little elves. 

‘‘We show up the next day and it is just magically there, I don’t think the camera even captures half of it.’’

In the past Wen has worked on other television series including ER, Two-and-a-Half Men and Stargate Universe.

She also voice acted for a number of animated shows including Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, Warner Bros’ The Batman and Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

‘‘Every show has its own special treat,’’ Wen said.

‘‘I love doing comedy, especially sitcoms, because you get to perform in front of a live audience and get their immediate reaction.

‘‘You get a fantastic high when you can hear them laughing.

‘‘When I did ER I was playing what I believe to be real heroes. The doctors are saving lives every day but it is very human based.

‘‘Stargate Universe was my first foray back to my first love, which is science fiction and fantasy.’’

Wen said she enjoys both voice and live acting.

‘‘For me the live acting is wonderful because you get to actually work and interact with the other actors,’’ she said.

‘‘When you do voice over work you are many times in a room by yourself. You are like a criminal in a ways because you are separated from the director by a very thick glass.

‘‘It is a very weird environment because you are acting quite along.

‘‘I like both though, I like the challenges of doing voice acting using your imagination completely and you don’t have to worry about hair and make-up.’’

Wen said she had only travelled to Australia once more than 20 years ago.

‘‘I was in the Gold Coast to do Street Fighter and worked with your revelled Kylie Minogue,’’ she said.

‘‘I also got engaged on the Gold Coast that gives me a very fond memory of Australia.

‘‘And I am going celebrate our anniversary when I arrive, it will be 19 years with my partner ... it will be like a second honeymoon.’’


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