Hundreds fined during cyclist and pedestrian operation in Liverpool

Police issued more than 160 cautions and 560 infringements during a cyclist and pedestrian safety operation held across several parts of Sydney including Liverpool.

Operation Pedro was held in Sydney and Parramatta as well Liverpool to coincide with Fatality Free Friday, a day when everyone was asked to pledge to play a personal role in making roads safer.

Yesterday police cautioned 169 people and issued 346 pedestrian infringements, 27 bicycle infringements, 12 “choke intersection” infringements, 24 mobile phone infringements, five seat belt infringements, one charge for aggravated burnout, 65 other infringements and 87 random breath tests.

Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith, said that Operation Pedro was about changing road user behaviour in order to save lives. 

“All available resources from the Mounted Police, Motorcycle Response Teams, General Duty and Cyclist Officers from various police commands were tasked with making sure pedestrians and cyclists were sharing the road safely," Acting Assistant Commissioner Smith said.

“We have had 28 pedestrian fatalities already this year, up 16 from last year. This operation is about police working with all available resources, including our 'road safety partners' in the NSW Centre for Road Safety, doing all we can to ensure pedestrians and cyclist begin and finish their journeys safely. 

“We sincerely hope that those we have cautioned learn from this experience and change their behaviour, for the benefit of preventing serious injury and deaths on our roads."

General manager of the NSW Centre for Road Safety, Margaret Prendergast, said that with pedestrian and cyclist safety action plans recently released, this operation was important to reinforce those messages.

“We will continue to work with Traffic and Highway Patrol Command officers and other major stakeholders to ensure road user safety in Central Business Districts throughout NSW," Ms Prendergast said.

Operation Pedro involved officers patrolling major thoroughfares at Liverpool, Parramatta and in Sydney’s CBD and focussed on intersection safety in an effort to reduce road trauma by promoting safe road use.