Police inspect heavy vehicles at Prestons distribution centre

Traffic and Highway Patrol officers inspected a Prestons distribution centre on Friday, as part of an operation targeting heavy vehicles.

Fifty heavy vehicles and 37 trailers were inspected and defects were issued for equipment breaches in relation to wheels, tyres and other issues.

Drivers also underwent breath and drug tests, and police directed 20 drivers to secure their loads properly.

Operation Austrans is an annual initiative involving Traffic and Highway Patrol officers and NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

Between May and June this year, it will target heavy-vehicle road-safety issues, including; fatigue, speed and drug use.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Detective Superintendent Stuart Smith, said regular heavy vehicle compliance operations were essential to help ensure safety across the transport industry.

"While we commend the distribution centre inspected this morning for operating in a well-managed environment, a number of heavy vehicles carting various goods for delivery were found to have their loads unsecured," Detective Superintendent Smith said.

"Unsecured loads cause associated dangers for those drivers, other road users, and those involved in unloading.

"There is an ongoing need across the state to transport oversized and large loads, so this practice needs to be done safely at all times to avoid any unnecessary dangers on our roads."

Director of Safety and Compliance for Roads and Maritime Peter Wells said it was concerning to see so many loads unsecured and entering a distribution centre.

"We have a close relationship with the freight industry in terms of educating drivers and operators to follow correct heavy vehicle practices," Mr Wells said.

"For so many over-weight and unrestricted loads to be identified today is concerning.

"Those involved in transporting large goods have a vital role to play for a range of industries; however such activity needs to be compliant with permits need to be mechanically sound."