Hot flicks: X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past

X-Men Days of Future Past

FEATURING possibly the most Oscar-nominated cast assembled in a superhero movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past is the second prequel in the mutant franchise.

Following on directly from 2011's X-Men: First Class, which saw Michael Fassbender (12 Years a Slave) and James McAvoy (Atonement) take the reins from Sir Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings) and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: Nemesis) as the younger incarnations of the mutant leaders Magneto and Professor X, Days of Future Past employs some parallel timelines and manages to squeeze them in the one film.

The most pop culturally significant member of the mutant squad, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables), is also back for his seventh outing in the claws.

In addition, Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook), Halle Berry (Monster's Ball) and Anna Paquin (The Piano) all reprise their X-Men roles, with other notable cast members Ellen Page (Juno), Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies) and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones' Tyrion Lannister) also appearing.

Days of Future Past sees the X-Men of the present (Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Iceman) team up with the X-Men of the past (Shadowcat, Mystique) in a huge battle to change the course of history and prevent the events of the past dooming the future.

This is clearly the most ambitious X-Men film to date, and it seems that the "Avengers-effect" is causing all superhero movies to be bigger and flashier than the last. Director Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects) retakes his place at the helm of an X-Men film for the first time since X2, appropriate given the film's plot of time travel.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is in cinemas from May 22.


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