The writing is not on the wall

Melanie Gibbons cleaning up graffiti
Melanie Gibbons cleaning up graffiti

MENAI MP Melanie Gibbons, shown removing graffiti in her electorate, said the newly introduced Graffiti Control Amendment Act will make new types of graffiti — such as acid etching and other markings that can't be readily removed — an offence, which will carry a 12-month jail sentence and a fine of $2200.

"As someone who regularly gets involved in cleaning up graffiti I know removing it is a tedious, time-consuming and costly task," she said.

"Clean-up orders will ensure vandals get first-hand experience of the harm and inconvenience they've caused to our community."

She said the community needs to get involved in reporting graffiti.

The Graffiti Hotline: 1800 707 125.