New Greene shines bright

Paul Greene

Paul Greene

Paul Greene who is coming to perform in Tea Gardens

Paul Greene who is coming to perform in Tea Gardens

THE music of Paul Greene defies easy classification.

In simple terms, it walks the line between soft rock and folk. It does however also detour into alternative terrain, and at times even incorporates elements of bluegrass and country.

One Lap of the Sun is a culmination of years on the road, with songs of heartache, of miscommunication, of hopefulness and reckless abandon.

It features songs that are reminiscent of the work of many other artists, but as a whole is purely Paul Greene.

Beautiful Delusion smacks of Goldspot, while Interesting Twist and Ways and Ways are a little bit Powderfinger, and Complicated Thing feels joyfully like early 2000s Gavin DeGraw.

Album opener, Tomorrow and Yesterdays, casts a positive lyric about learning from the hardships of the past and moving on: "I get more out of each defeat than the occasional victory".

The slow, folksy tune Somebody Else's Heart is arguably the best song from One Lap of the Sun. The soft percussion evokes a woodsy, rustic and quite organic feel that is part Newton Faulkner, part solo Eddie Vedder.

Track 5, Spring, is another competitor for song of the album, with a compulsive, mesmerising beat and illustrative lyrics that speak of forgiveness and new beginnings as though in storybook. Like many songs on the album, the strings can at times be annoying and unnecessary, but overall Spring is a song that demands to be listened to over and over again.

The album's final song, Hold On is Greene's most 'pop' offering, with a repetitive hook that provides the most single potential of the album.

Hold On closes the album on a high note and features the amusing and insightful lyric: "if you ask a silly question you're going to get a silly answer".

One Lap of the Sun strays from Greene's earlier, more country works with earthier sounds and soft, subtle instrumentation as his base.

Despite this, Jackie, the penultimate song, is a toe-tapping, clapping, grab-your-boots-and-cowboy-hat song, begging to be played in a hay-strewn barn.

One Lap of the Sun is a strong, heartfelt album from Paul Greene and the Other Colours that revels in acoustic guitars and soft percussion, eschewing over-production in favour of the instrumental basics.

The album is out now, released by ABC Music.


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