Hiring locally

Liverpool Council staff will try to see if it is possible for the council to give preference to hiring local workers.

Cr Tony Hadchiti called for the report at a recent meeting and also asked that officers look into whether the council could preference local tenders and the use of Liverpool-based companies to supply services.

The council's departing general manager, Farooq Portelli, said the suggestion was an admirable idea, but that it might be seen as discriminatory.

Cr Wendy Waller asked whether it would have legal implications.

"We have very high unemployment in this area and I think we should do our part to reduce that," Cr Hadchiti said.

In other council news:

Building fund

The future of Liverpool Council's Iconic Building Fund was debated at a recent meeting.

Cr Geoff Shelton drafted a motion calling for the council to use the $6.7 million in the reserve to fix some of the area's roads.

"We have a significant infrastructure backlog and yet we have these funds just sitting there," Cr Shelton said.

His motion was lost, but Liverpool mayor Ned Mannoun's motion, calling for an iconic community facility to be built with the funding, was successful.

"Liverpool is changing rapidly; it is changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly," Cr Mannoun said.

"I'm very proud to say that this council has spent more on roads than any other council, but there is never enough money to fix all the roads."