Man in hospital after dog attack

A man is in Liverpool Hospital recovering from a dog attack in which his dog was killed.

The man, aged 65-year-old was on his way to a friends house on Forbes Street, Liverpool about 8.30am this morning with his pet Maltese terrier when he was attacked by a large white dog police believe to be a pitbull terrier.

Liverpool Police Inspector Dean Johnstone said the man had picked his dog up and was holding it in his arms when the larger dog ran out of a nearby unit complex and jumped up to attack the smaller dog.

"It grabbed the smaller dog around the neck," Inspector Johnstone.

"The man has then fallen to the ground and he moved to protect his dog with his body.

"The bigger dog has then mauled him and he has bite marks on his left arm, torso and left leg.

"Two students and a teacher from Liverpool Girls School, which is across the road, then came out and the teacher restrained the dog and the two girls took the smaller dog away.

"As soon as they came out apparently the dog calmed down straight away.

"The police were called and found that the dog had no microchip and could not be identified.

"We're not sure of the exact breed, but it is pitbull terrier kind of dog and it could be a mixture of breeds.

"We're not sure who the owners are and we encourage anyone with any information to come forward and contact police."

Inspector Johnstone said the smaller dog died of its injuries.

"The man's injuries are not life threatening."

A Liverpool Council spokeswoman said: "council staff attended the location immediately after the incident and impounded the dog which is now at the council’s pound facility for determination following further investigation".