There's something spooky in Casula

Filmmaker: The founder of the Paranormal Guide, Ashley Hall.

Filmmaker: The founder of the Paranormal Guide, Ashley Hall.

IF YOU'VE ever had an experience that left you spooked and somewhat lost for words while visiting Casula, a group of paranormal documentary- makers want to speak with you.

Founder of the Paranormal Guide, Ashley Hall teamed up with the Australian Paranormal Phenomena Investigators and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to create a documentary series, Ghosts of Casula.

"The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre was the location that really sowed the seed for this series of documentaries," Mr Hall said.

"I first ventured there in September 2012 and had quite a profound experience.

"After a brilliant ghost tour the group was allowed to wander freely around this fantastic former power station."

It was during this time Mr Hall said he experienced a fear he had never felt before.

"There did not seem to be anything to bring on this fear, it just manifested itself.

"I broke into a cold sweat, started shaking uncontrollably and really did not want to stay there.

"It's this idea of fear and what took place that night that has me asking many questions about my beliefs and what it is that resides at Casula that caused me to essentially flee.

"This story is at the core of the documentary as I delve into the history, deaths and ghosts of Casula."

The film will use video and audio recorded by the APPI and other investigators and will be tied together with footage to be shot in June.

"It's much more than my experiences at the Powerhouse. It's the story of the Powerhouse from a darker angle. It explores the personalities, the deaths, the ghosts and the hauntings."

It debuts at the Paranormal and Spiritual Expo on October 4 at the Powerhouse.

Details: Search for the "Ghosts Of" page on Facebook.


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