VIDEO: Liverpool photographer captures life in a snap second

Caught in time: Michael Stikovic's Heartbeats on the Beat
Caught in time: Michael Stikovic's Heartbeats on the Beat

A LIVERPOOL photographer is seeking sponsorship to take his next project abroad.

Michael Stikovic, 23, wants to create a series of time-lapse movies called Heartbeats on the Beat.

Caught in time: Liverpool photographer Michael Stikovic's Heartbeats on the Beat video

His first movie was shot in Sydney and he is now raising money on to take his project to London.

Mr Stikovic said his project aimed to capture the beauty of moments snapped in the duration of a heartbeat.

"I take a look into intimate moments of individuals' lives and try to use the beauty of natural choreography to remind everyone of the humanity within the thousands of faces we briefly encounter each day," he said.

"By the end of the Sydney project I had learnt so much about the fragility of humanity. Sadly the modern world is a culture that breeds instant connectivity to the entire world yet detachment from our immediate environment. [Shooting in] London will show the complexities and intimacies of human nature that we tend to miss when we are caught up in the turbulence of the modern world."

Mr Stikovic said this realisation compelled him to take the project to other locations.

"I feel that such coverage would be incredibly interesting when comparing the way that people live and interact between country and country," he said.

"I plan to take Heartbeats on the Beat to all the major capital cities of the world: Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Delhi."

Mr Stikovic needs to raise $4200 to cover the travel costs.

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