Casula residents fear violence

CASULA residents fear a rise in alcohol-fuelled violence on their streets if a 24-hour hotel proposed for their suburb is approved by Liverpool Council.

Chriss Moore said she and other residents were opposed to the application for the construction of a pub and hotel on the Hume Highway at the site of the Fontaine Bleau Inn.

"Everyone in this area is horrified," Mrs Moore said.

"Liverpool's population is growing at 17 per cent, but the number of alcohol licences here is growing by 35 per cent. So there's quite an imbalance here.

"Research shows that with alcohol you get increased crime, increased violence and increased domestic violence.

"This pub will be 190 metres from Casula Public School and we do not want our children exposed to this sort of thing."

The residents have formed the Casula Community Group for Responsible Planning and will lodge hundreds of letters objecting to the plan with the council before the public exhibition period ends this Friday.

They are also holding a community meeting about the development on the corner of McKell and Gibson avenues, Casula from 7pm tomorrow.

Ms Moore said the public exhibition period was due to end on February 27 but many residents were not told about the application in time to object.

"And we were told we would be able to view plans at the council building on a Saturday, but the building was closed," she said.

The applicant — Dr Design (NSW) Pty Ltd — could not be reached for comment.

A Liverpool Council spokeswoman said the council had extended the period for submissions for the development application because it was brought to the council's attention that a resident wanted to view the plans on a Saturday.

"In the past the practice was to provide plans at the library, but this is no longer the case," she said.

"It appears that a letter was inadvertently sent to some residents indicating that plans would be available for viewing at the library."

Residents can access the application online: or at the council's administration office, 33 Moore Street, Liverpool, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.