New doctors in the house

DOCTORS Betsy Dang and Melissa Radjenovic are the newest recruits at Fairfield and Liverpool hospitals.

They are among 959 medical graduates who will complete a 12-month internship in public hospitals this year.

They will complete compulsory terms in the specialties of medicine, surgery and emergency.

They will also rotate through metropolitan, regional or rural hospitals, as well as GP practices.

Dr Dang, 23, of Bonnyrigg Heights, was thrilled to serve at Fairfield hospital.

She will be based at the hospital for 10 weeks before moving to Liverpool hospital.

"There's a mix of feelings," she said.

"On one hand, I've been training for years to get to this point so it's exciting to finally have responsibility to do what I've worked for all my life.

"On the other, I feel anxious because it's the first time we really get responsibility after being a medical student for four to five years."

Dr Radjenovic agreed.

She said while she was excited, she was also nervous.

"I'm looking forward to getting good exposure to the patients, different pathologies and different specialties of medicine," she said.

"Liverpool hospital has got every speciality so there's so much to learn there."

Dr Radjenovic starts her internship in orthopedics and will take part in two rotations in surgical specialities.

Fairfield hospital has six new interns and Liverpool hospital has 45.