Report reveals crime data

OVER the past year, fraud, stealing and vandalism offences topped Liverpool's list of crimes.

A recent NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) report showed that fraud offences had increased from 1292 in 2012 to 1681 in 2013.

Sealing from cars and vandalism ranked in the top three in crime rates but the number of offences had decreased since the last report.

Detective Inspector Dean Johnstone said the most common fraud offences were petrol theft, credit card and online offences.

"At least 30 per cent of fraud offences are fail to pay for petrol," he said.

"We're starting to see a slight increase in credit card offences in particular with tap-and-go transactions where people have had their wallets and credit cards stolen.

"We still get a number of reports of internet based scams where people have purchased items online and don't receive them."

Of the stealing offences, a third related to registration plates from cars.

Inspector Johnstone said despite the increase in fraud offences, most crime rates had decreased since the 2012 reporting period.

"The BOSCAR results show the Liverpool command has had a decrease in stealing and vandalism offences," he said.

"We conduct regular proactive and crime prevention operations which has contributed to a significant decrease in crimes."